Your Sensitivity is Your Power

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energy healingAre You an Empath, Highly Sensitive  Person, or Someone Who Feels Stuck in Past Pain or Trauma?

How to Turn Your Pain Into Your Power

Article Written by Randi Fine

On October 23, 2015 I had Dr. Alison Kay on my podcast, A Fine Time for Healing. Dr. Kay is a master subtle energies teacher, practitioner and natural healer who works on a global scale. She did a brief, five minute group healing on air that was so powerful, I experienced the emotional purging effects for a week. You can listen to the show and experience the healing for yourself by going to:

In my follow-up conversation with Dr. Kay I told her that I have thousands of readers, listeners, and counseling clients who for a variety of reasons find life a day to day struggle. Some cannot get past their emotional trauma or pain, some are highly sensitive, empathic people who pick up all the energies around them.

Dr. Kay explained how the two were related and how many factors can shift our subtle energy body.  I invited her back on my show on November 18th to explain it to all of you in ways only she can. The link to listen to that show is:

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