Why Is Life So Difficult

Facing Life’s Challenges

Written by Randi Fine

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing all this for?  Why is life such a struggle? What am I accomplishing?'”

I believe we are souls housed within a human body; eternal souls living a physical, human experience who are each fulfilling a contract we made with ourselves before reincarnating. The purpose of the contract was to experience life with all its trials, tribulations, joys, successes, and sorrow; to face all obstacles with great determination, and to persevere until we overcome each and every one of them.

Adversity only exists in the physical world. Painful as it may seem, I believe its purpose is to accelerate our soul growth.

That belief motivates me, no matter the degree of challenge, to constantly grow and evolve. It is what gives me the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when I cannot see where I am going. I view every hurdle placed before me as a contractual obligation to face and overcome for my highest and best good.

You may be thinking, “That’s impossible, I would have never chosen the challenges  life has presented to me.” I believe you did make that choice, because beyond your earthly facade you are a remarkable, courageous, highly motivated soul. You possess the utmost ability to face, address, and overcome all of your challenges.

Life is about growing, learning, and evolving. I do not believe it ends here, but that it is merely a brief segment of our eternal life. We forever reap the rewards of all efforts put forth during this life; a life that may feel prolonged but is truly only a blip in time.

So the next time you question the meaning behind the challenges in your life, remind yourself that you are an eternal, remarkable, courageous being and your purpose is greater than you can ever fathom.

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