Turning Triggers Into Treasures

What is your childhood telling you about the person you are today?
Are traumatic experiences and limiting beliefs holding you back from pursuing personal freedom and satisfaction?
These are the intimidating questions that often linger in the background for those who are managing personal trauma. Holding the balance between exploration of the past and maintaining a strong sense of control in the present can be challenging and scary. Can we talk about our trauma? Should we? Will it make us uncomfortable? Leave us vulnerable?
I’ve joined Transformation Coach Silvia Hantea in examining these questions and more for her online Master Class series: Turning Triggers into Treasures. This FREE online series opens the door to a bigger conversation: one about examining the Shadow, freeing ourselves from the past, and moving beyond our triggers in order to embrace life on our own terms.We’ll share strategies and techniques that you can use, right now, to begin your transformation. All for FREE, in the privacy of your own home. Watch these videos at your own pace, and discover the path to personal freedom.

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