Treacherous World of Corporate Narcissism

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Treacherous World of Corporate Narcissism

With Randi Fine, host of the Blog Talk Radio Show

A Fine Time for Healing

On Tuesday October 6, 2015 A Fine Time for Healing will feature special guest Kristin Sunanta Walker, the CEO of a behavioral health consulting practice everythingEHR and host of Mental Health News Radio.

Kristin has worked in corporate America, specifically within the healthcare field, for over twenty five years.  As a consultant navigating the often treacherous world of corporate narcissism, she has found herself swimming, many times, in shark infested waters.

Kristin spent her childhood exposed to all members of the “Dark Triad” (narcissism, Machiavellian-ism and psychopathy). They were members of her biological family.  Little did she know this would set her up to not only heal the trauma she experienced at the hands of these predators but also forge a successful career along side many of them.  She uses the knowledge she has learned by living with these predators to help her clients and her own company sustain equitable, emotionally healthy, and financially successful business relationships.

Working with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths in the corporate sector is no easy feat.  They live and work around us every day and everywhere.  The “every day” psychopath does wreak havoc on the emotional, financial, and physical lives of everyone around them.

When Kristin began her radio show it was to discuss behavioral healthcare technology, give voice to the work of clinicians, and raise awareness about mental health.  Her shows on narcissism, however, became so popular they pushed the show to a global audience downloaded in over 171 countries.  Through interviewing global leaders on the subjects of narcissism, psychopathy, and sociopathology Kristin has been able to spread awareness about narcissistic abuse.

On the October 6th show with Kristin Sunanta Walker as my special guest, Kristin and I will discuss corporate narcissism and toxic work environments.  As with her own radio show, Kristin will get personal about her own experiences and those of her colleagues.

Some of the topics of discussion will be on the following:

  • What is corporate narcissism?
  • Is there a difference between having a co-worker that has narcissistic personality disorder and having the CEO of the company with this disorder?
  • What are some of the traumas that employees, business partners, and vendors experience during and after working with a corporate narcissist?
  • Can an entire organization be narcissistically disordered?
  • How can staff root out these predators and create a healthy work environment?
  • What kind of counseling is needed in order for the victims to overcome the emotional abuse suffered while working with these people?
  • Can corporate narcissists be healed?
  • Can a narcissistic organization be healed?
  • What are some of your first hand experiences working with these predators?

Please tune in on October 6th and listen either live at 11 am EST or anytime after the show airs by going to

To learn more about Kristin Sunanta Walker please visit:

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