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“Perfection is unattainable because no one who reaches it can sustain it.” ~Randi Fine

“It is a much steeper fall from the expectation of perfection to disappointment than it is from expectation of imperfection to disappointment.” ~Randi Fine

“Once we understand that nothing is perfect and that beauty has no norm, we will no longer stand in judgment of ourselves and of others.” ~Randi Fine

“To view anyone as perfect is to be blind to the truth of who they truly are. We cannot genuinely love others when our expectations of who we want them to be are merely fantasy.” ~Randi G. Fine

“Only thoughts can be perfect. It is neither the object nor the person that is perfect, but rather one’s idea of it.” ~Randi Fine

“We cannot demand perfection from ourselves and love ourselves at the same time. Self-love requires self acceptance – acceptance of our flaws, inadequacies, failures and mistakes.” ~Randi Fine

“Perfection is an impossible standard. I never wanted my children to feel as if they were failures when things did not go exactly as they had hoped. I wanted them to understand that we are all fallible – that we are here to learn and grow by trial and error.” ~Randi G. Fine~

“Imperfection is not a consolation prize – it is a goal.” ~Randi Fine

“It is much easier to navigate life when we strive to do our best but do not hold perfection as the ultimate goal.” ~Randi Fine

“How can we give ourselves permission to try and risk if we are worried about doing everything perfectly and being perfect in everything we do?”~Randi Fine

“Life is in a constant state of change. Nothing perfect ever stays perfect.” ~Randi Fine

“We should strive each day to be better than the day before, focusing not on the goal or perfection but evolution.” ~Randi Fine

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