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The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten. ~ Vaibhav Shah

That is a truthful, relatable quote for many of us, but why?  Why do so many of us tend to minimize our successes and accomplishments, and emphasize those we have yet to realize.

There are many intangibilities in life.  For instance, faith is the belief in something we cannot see, though those who are solidly rooted in their faith know that what they believe exists. Love is another intangibility that  we cannot always see but can feel.

Our personal accomplishments and personal growth, on the other hand, are evident.   Though we may choose to deny the importance of prior successes we are aware of what we have done.  So why wouldn’t we tend to focus more on what we have accomplished, what is evident, than what we have not?  Why don’t we give our track record of accomplishments due respect?

We are natural-born seekers. Whether consciously or subconsciously each of us know that our mission in life is personal growth.  We also know that personal growth is not easily attained.  Whether we choose to acknowledge our missions in life or strive to fulfill them, the awareness that we can continually do better and be better is undeniable. Perhaps that is why, when it comes to personal progress, our tendency is to look to the future, toward what we have yet to accomplish, instead of valuing our prior achievements and successes.

Then why do we not always put forth our best effort toward achievement and growth?

The decision to give up before reaching our goals or not to try at all is one that is based on insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure.  Giving up too early or making no effort at all is the easy way out.  But choosing the easy way out is a self-defeating decision. There is no reward or personal growth attached to it. Personal growth is attained from our efforts to push against the tide. Whether we succeed or fail in our endeavor it is the experience of trying that we grow from.

Our prior successes are integral to our future successes, stepping stones to the successes that await us. These achievements were hard earned and are to be highly valued, not denied or minimized. They do not pale in comparison to future endeavors but rather become the foundation for them.

Every forward step we take in life adds to our personal growth.  Value the past, excel in the moment, and strive for greatness in the future.



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