The Key to Life

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The Key to Life

An Inspirational Song

Voice, Music and Lyrics by Randi G. Fine

   Inspiration is abounding all around you,

just allow yourself the calm to let it in.

 When you open up your eyes then you will see it,

when you open up your heart then you’ll begin.

 The pulse of life is beating loud so feel it.

Take time to hear the sound when raindrops fall.

 Appreciate the love that’s all around you,

and love the things about you most of all.

 All the busy times rushed through are never noticed,

and the quiet ones so precious and so few.

 Every moment I exist I want to grow more,

so I approach each day as if my life was new.

 All around me people speak but rarely listen.

It’s simplicity that makes a happy soul.

 See beauty in the most unusual places.

Empty your life and you will feel so full.

 Why is beauty so misunderstood,

and love overshadowed by fear?

 I wish we’d let all the hostility go,

it’s so light when the dark disappears.

 Why so much hatred, resentment, and rage?

It’s so easy to feel peace and calm.

 Discover the sunrise in a new way today.

Let the brilliance of life keep you warm.

                               Copyright Randi Fine 1996  All rights reserved     

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3 thoughts on “The Key to Life”

  1. Yes, stop and smell the rosesSense freedom even if locked in a closestTake time to feel the wind in your handsLay down and allow the sun to give you a tanLet the raindrops fall on you faceTake a stroll, feel your feet, feel the paceLife is worth livingTake, give and forgiving…

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