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Truth and Perception Picture Quote

Inspirational Quote About Truth, Perception and Intuition Words of Wisdom by Randi G. Fine Always look deeper…beyond what you see is what is real. ~Randi G. Fine~ We have all heard the expression, “What you see is what you get,” … Continue reading

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Truth Picture Quote

Quote About Truth When intentionally misused, truth may be a weapon that hurts others. The overall rule is that truth, or the omission of it, should always come from a place of love, kindness, decency, and respect. ~Randi G. Fine~

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Life Truths Picture Quote

What I know to be true… I know it is true that love is all that matters, it is eternal. We don’t have to see it, hear it or touch it, but we can always feel it. I know that … Continue reading

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Truth Picture Quote

Inspirational Quote About Truth “Truth lies not in what the eye sees but in what the heart feels.” ~Randi G Fine~

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