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If You Are Dreading Valentine’s Day You Are Not Alone

If You’re Not Happy During Valentine’s Day, You Are Not Alone Written by Bruce Y. Lee Contributor Forbes Magazine Happy Valentine’s Day? Maybe. Maybe not. If not, don’t despair. Ah, if only life were like a romantic comedy or advertising. … Continue reading

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Simple Stress Reliever

“Stress“ A Simple Lesson on Stress A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading a stress management workshop. In her hand was a raised glass of water. The attendees all suspected that she was going to ask the … Continue reading

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How Narcissistic Abuse Causes Complex PTSD

Image Source Complex PTSD in Abuse Victims Great show with stress expert Dr. Mary Wingo about how Complex PTSD forms in abuse victims and what it takes to heal from it. I learned a lot and you will too! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/randi-fine/2017/01/03/relationship-between-domestic-abuse-and-stress-response-with-dr-mary-wingo … Continue reading

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Coping With Holiday Stress and Depression

Image Source Stress, Depression and the Holidays: Tips for Coping Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression. By Mayo Clinic Staff The holiday … Continue reading

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