Stop Tolerating Toxic Behavior

Stop Tolerating Toxic Behavior Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine Written by Randi Fine Narcissistic abuse victims often tell me that they cannot understand how someone could treat them, such a kind, understanding, accepting, and generous person, so badly. My answer is a simple one. Those with narcissistic personality disorder never target those …

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Empathy Connects Us To The Heart Of Others

 See column on the right side of this website labeled Narcissistic Personality Disorder  for a complete  list of all NPD related articles and videos. Where Has Our Ability to Empathize Gone?       Excerpted from August 2, 2012 show on A Fine Time for Healing  Is  Our Ability to Empathize Eroding? by Randi Fine Empathy is the …

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