codependent relationship

Unhealthy Relationship Codependency

Unhealthy Relationship Codependency  Recognizing and Healing From Codependency   Written by Randi Fine Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine Unhealthy relationship codependency is a disorder that develops over time. Dysfunctional childhood patterns that interfere with the person’s ability to form healthy relationships lie dormant for many years; the problem only surfaces once the person begins to experience …

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Dysfunctional Romantic Relationships

 Codependent Relationships Dynamics Dysfunctional Definition of Love       Written by Robert Burney, author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls As long as we believe that someone else has the power to make us happy then we are setting ourselves up to be victims. ~Robert Burney~ One of the biggest problems with relationships in this society is …

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Codependent Narcissist Relationship Dance

See column on the right side of this website labeled Narcissistic Personality Disorder  for a complete  list of all NPD related articles and videos. The Relationship Dance Between Codependents & Narcissists Written by Ross Rosenberg, MEd, LCPC, CADC The inherently dysfunctional “codependency dance” requires two opposite but distinctly balanced partners: the pleaser/fixer (codependent) and the taker/controller …

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