Surround Yourself with Good Vibrations

Surround Yourself With Good Vibrations

Written by Randi Fine,

The attraction we have to other people is often felt immediately upon meeting them. 
Think about the people you know or have met in your life who seem to naturally draw other people to them with an unexplainable magnetism.  These people give off a vibe that makes those around them feel, comfortable, happy, and energized in their presence. They exude an inviting sense of compassion and support.  Open-hearted, authentic, kind, and  loving people seem to have a harmonious air around them. In the workplace, those that enjoy their jobs give off happier vibes then those who do not.

By contrast, we have all experienced meeting people for the first time who make our skin crawl, give us the creeps. What about the psychic vampires who, just by being in their presence, seem to suck our energy and drain us or make us feel ill? Some people instantly put us on guard and make us feel attacked or demeaned. We may find ourselves questioning their intentions and feel uptight, guarded, and anxious around them. Have you ever had the sense that you needed to get away from someone but you did not know why you felt that way?

Whenever we come into contact with another person we exchange energy. The energy that other people emanate can profoundly influence our health and our state of mind.

The energy that surrounds each and every one of us, as it does all conscious matter including plants and animals (and non-living matter such as stones, crystals, and water) is called our aura.

The human auraaura3 consists of seven layers, reflecting aspects of our being such as health, vitality, emotions, psychological patterns, and spiritual nature. Auras are specific to each person. They are our spiritual signatures; reflections of who we are at any given time, changing with our fluctuating moods, attitudes, and intentions.

The aura that surrounds each of our bodies, often referred to as “The Human Energy Field,” is a collection of electro-magnetic radiation consisting of microwave, infrared and/or ultraviolet light. It normally extends between three and eight feet out from our bodies, though it could be more or less. It is said that the radius of Ghandi’s aura was over a mile.

The colors and intensity of our aurasaura have very special meanings. The colors perceived by the eyes, or special instruments that can see them, appear as a spectrum of light ranging from shades of red to shades of violet. They can also be brown, black, or white.  It is the shade and intensity of the color that reflects a positive or negative condition. Brighter, lighter auras indicate  levels of optimism, spirituality, and health. White is the perfect color, the Divine Light, perfect balance and harmony. Duller colors may indicate blockages, unresolved issues, illness, guardedness, fatigue, and negativity. Black auras can reveal a  range of human conditions. A clear, jet black aura often appears in energy workers and can signify mystery, power, dignity, and potential. Dull black may denote an unkind or dishonest nature, but can also represent insecurity, depression, fear, grief, poor health, secrecy, or deception. This is what is manifested when there is a disconnection from, or disruption of, the flow of our life source.

The aura is a reflection of the nature of our body and soul. Auras can be vibrant, expansive, and beautiful, or they can be close to the body, murky, and threatening.

Our aura is our personal bodyguard.aura4 It is important that we keep strengthening our auras in order to protect ourselves against energy zappers and illness.  Our auras can be strengthened through meditation, healthy living, and sunlight. Chanting, and listening to comforting, relaxing music such as classical, religious/spiritual, or new age are healing tools. The use of positive affirmations that resonate with our spirit can be a very effective way to keep our auras strong and healthy. It is very important to eliminate negative thoughts and unnecessary stress from our lives.

There are many other ways to accentuate the positive energy in our lives; smudging with sage, essential oils, flower essences, crystals, and bathing or swimming in salt water are a few more examples. We should always be mindful of or limit our exposure to negative people, places, and things.

Be selective about the vibes you allow into your personal space. Keep your life in a positive light.

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  1. Great post Randi.
    So many posts I’ve been reading about the
    aura are the same stuff “spun”.
    Your article is insightful and inspiring and offers new insights.
    Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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