Spiritual Explanation of Human Emotion


 What is Human Emotion?

A Spiritual Explanation

On June 17, 2014 I had a guest named Matthew Douglas on my internet radio show, A Fine Time for Healing. Matthew is a channel for a spiritual advisor group who collectively call themselves, “Rainbow Walker.” I asked Rainbow Walker several questions and they spoke the answers directly through Matthew Douglas using his voice.

One of the questions I asked was, “Is emotion something that we only experience in the physical world?” Following is the transcript of Rainbow Walker’s wise and profound answer to that question.  ~Randi~

Emotion is something that can echo out if you don’t step away from your connection to it.
So in this plane, your connection to your mind and your heart all align with the emotions that come from both. But the emotion is the creation. And the creation comes from your thoughts; comes from the imminent knowing from your heart. And although the two are different, some spend too much time in their minds and not enough time in their heart.
And so the emotion is really at it’s core energy, and in this plane the emotion is a manifestation of energy. And from your soul that energy comes and manifests in this world. And it can come as emotion, it can come as an object, it can come as an idea.
But at the core, at the source, it is all energy. That which you see around you, that which you look into the sky is all energy. And the energy can manifest in many ways, and you can create in your life in many ways. But you are powerful. You hold the personal power within to create good manifestation in your life; to work through the negative manifestation of your life. So take that as an example of feelings and emotions. And although sometimes you can’t be happy all the time, but in those times of pain or negative feelings, know that it is not to just bury within you. It is to acknowledge that emotion and to let it flow, because the only way to release is to embrace the flow.
And so in this life, in your life as a whole, there is emotion; there is manifestation in many ways. But take the good, take the bad, but let it all flow. The bad will not stay and the good will never stay away.
In the end your perspective of this life is that it is all out of love that comes from within you, if you can acknowledge the love within you and not look so much with your mind out into the world, but look within, through your heart out into the world. And what you see is what even a blind person can see. And that is the beauty and the light that emanates through this world if your perspective is right; if you are looking through your heart.
To listen to the entire 45 minute show, please visit  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/randi-fine/2014/06/17/matthew-douglas-channels-spiritual-advisor-group-called-rainbow-walker
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For more information about Matthew Douglas and Rainbow Walker Spiritual Advisors, please visit http://www.rainbowwalkerbooks.com/blog/

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