Self Love Affirmation

Letting Go of Guilt With Self Love Affirmation

Written by Randi Fine

Excerpt from the November 13, 2013 show on A Fine Time For Healing

Living a Guilt Free Life

Understand that your mistakes and misjudgments perceived or otherwise, are not punishable by emotional life sentences. You are here to experience, make mistakes and then learn from them. We all are. That is the point of life. If we were perfect there would be no need for us to be here. How morose and depressing would this world be if no one forgave their selves and everyone lugged their guilt around for a lifetime? We have to learn to let things go. The sooner we do that the better for us and everyone around us.

We must be our own best friend. That means overcoming the need to self-punish. Self-love and self-acceptance are specific choices we must make every day. You cannot move on from guilt, whether it is warranted or not, real or imagined until you forgive yourself. Whenever you begin to beat yourself up with feelings of guilt, whether the guilt is true or false, repeat the following affirmation:

I deserve to be good to myself. I deserve to be treated well by others. I deserve to forgive myself and be forgiven by others. I deserve to let the past go and fully enjoy life in this moment.

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