Releasing Painful Past

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dreamingLetting the Past Go

Changing our thought patterns is not something that happens overnight. Letting go of the past is a process.  To let go does not mean we become emotionless in regard to a traumatic event; it means giving up the torture we have associated with our emotions in regard to a painful event. To change we must accept our feelings–make peace with them. We never want to deny our emotions and feelings; they are what make us real, what make us loving and compassionate. Acceptance of our feelings does not mean we like or approve of them. We can accept something but not necessarily like or approve of it.  The goal is being able to feel our emotions without tormenting ourselves, hanging on to them, or acting out as a result of them. Through the process of acceptance and change we can eventually let go of past feelings that hold us back from enjoying our life in the present . ~Randi Fine

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