Inspirational Word Art for Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness

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Blossom Grow and Soar

By Randi Fine

I might be small today, but what I have to say,
may touch you in a way you never felt before.

You gave my life to me. I love you completely.
I trust with certainty that you will love me too.

Respect me like your peers. I’m here with open ears;
a child who always hears and believes in what you say.

I need you always near. You calm my deepest fears.
Good parents always hear the things children can’t say.

Sweet words are inspiring. Harsh words are deafening.
This child needs pampering; give all the love you have.

Be gentle every day. Love me in every way.
Listen to what I say and you’ll know what I need.

Be there with open arms. Shield me from pain and harm.
Please keep me safe and warm. I count on you for this.

I might be small in size, but just look in my eyes,
and you will realize the depth I have inside.

It feels safe to know that you love me,
and I can Blossom, Grow and Soar.

Just give me a happy, strong foundation
and the wilted child will exist no more.

©1996 Randi Fine
All Rights Reserved

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