Peace Prayer

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peace heartThe Peace Prayer

Peace be upon the earth, but until it can be, peace be in my heart.

As peace is in the heart of each man and woman, may the seeds of love be sown so that peace prevails and no longer will man war against man.

Until such time as peace rules across the lands and in the heart of all, may I feel the peace in my heart that I wish to see in this world.

This prayer of peace was shared by the phenomenal evidential medium Suzanne Giesmann. Suzanne received it after one of her followers wrote her saying, “Please ask Sanaya  for a prayer I can say to help the all the people affected by war, injustice, etc. I feel so helpless when I watch the news and I want the words that will really help lessen the pain and despair I see.”

Sanaya is a collective consciousness of minds who brings forth great wisdom, through medium Suzanne Giesmann, from a higher dimension than our own.


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