Unconditional Love Parenting

affirmation250Parenting With Unconditional Love

The true test of parenting comes when our children take their wings and fly. ~Randi G. Fine~

When making the choice to have children, one’s motive might very well be a  predictor of the outcome.

Parenting is the most vitally important responsibility one could ever have. I’ve always believed that my children chose me. They put their ultimate faith in me. That is a supreme honor and a divine gift.  It’s been incumbent upon me to prudently select the fruit for the nectar to nurture their souls.

Just as with birds and their nestlings, the true test of parenting comes when  our children take their wings and try to fly. Does your child seek independence? Is your child resilient? And most importantly does your child know, without a shadow of a doubt, that  you are watching from the nest and cheering their efforts on every moment of every day?

No matter how old our children become, they’ll never stop needing their parents’ unconditional love. That is the foundation on which they continue to build their lives. The stronger the foundation, the higher and sturdier they can build. Then someday, if they choose to have their own children, they’ll already have a tried and true template.

As parents we must do our very best. That often means healing our own issues so they won’t become a legacy for our children. I broke the pattern and stopped the legacy and you can too.

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