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Make a Difference By Putting Love First

Do you think you can’t make a difference? Love is the most powerful force there is. By opening your heart and radiating love, you create waves that are felt around the world. You can sit back, feel powerless, and do nothing, or you can change the world one soul at a time, beginning with the kind of thoughts you radiate. You don’t banish darkness  by bringing in more darkness. You banish darkness by bringing in light. ~Put Love First Movement~

What is the Put Love First Movement?

A positive, non-fear-based movement dedicated to bringing about culture change…to reverse the trend of violence and disrespect for human life and teach all beings to recognize that loving each other is the reason we are here. It’s easy to be apathetic and do nothing and to think we can’t make a difference.

What Put Love First Principles are:

  • We are all responsible for where we are as a society and for where we are headed.
  • Rather than fighting darkness with darkness, we will change our culture by bringing in more light
  • Love can heal all ills
  • In seeking understanding of others’ actions, we open ourselves to compassion and love
  • Each ripple of love we send out has the potential to become a wave
  • A journey begins with a single step

Make a Commitment to Action:

  • Perform at least one random act of love per day
  • Spend five minutes in contemplation/prayer/meditation, focusing on love & inter-connectiveness
  • Look for opportunities to put someone else first in a small or big way each day
  • Model loving kindness, compassion, and respect to your family and others at every opportunity
  • See all challenges as an opportunity to respond not with anger, fear, or judgment, but with love…nd do so
  • Have a daily “We Put Love First” discussion with your family members focusing on sharing or teaching one of the “Put Love First” core values and how you put them into action that day
  • Read something uplifting on a daily basis
  • Give up TV shows, movies & video games that focus on killing and senseless violence
  • Participate regularly/volunteer in an activity that serves others
  • Create or join a weekly prayer group/centering group/study group focused on creating more love in our society

For an inspiring video/song and more information about Put Love First, please go to:

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