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This miraculous story and others are told on the August 22, 2012 show, on the podcast show A Fine Time for Healing 

Miracles Happen

By Randi Fine

Lloyd Glenn, on his way to a business trip in Washington D.C., was gathering his things from the overhead compartment for a plane change in Denver when an announcement was made for a Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the customer service representative immediately. As each man reached the doorway to leave the plane they were asked if their name was Lloyd Glenn. When he got there he said that he was Mr. Glenn.

He sensed that something was horribly wrong and when he got off the plane he was approached by an airline employee who told him that there was an emergency at home. The man had no details to share with him; he didn’t know what the emergency was.

Lloyd was taken to a phone and given the number to Mission Hospital. He was put through to the trauma center where he learned that his three year old son Brian had been trapped underneath the automatic garage door for several minutes, and that when his wife had found him the child was dead. The door had completely closed on his sternum right over his heart and he had been severely crushed. A neighbor who was also a doctor began performing CPR and it was continued by the paramedics on the way to the hospital. By the time Lloyd made the call Brian had been revived and expected to live, but no one knew the extent of the brain or heart damage that remained.

Six hours after the accident had occurred Lloyd finally made it to the intensive care unit at Mission Hospital. He was beside himself when he saw little Brian lying on the hospital
bed, on a respirator, with tubes and monitors everywhere. Though Brian’s prognosis was guarded, Lloyd was given a reassuring smile from his wife. The doctors reported that Brian would live and that early tests indicated his heart was okay. Still they had no idea how much, if any, brain damage had occurred. The child remained unconscious the rest of that night and into the next day.

Lloyd was a nervous wreck but his wife remained calm and faithful. She knew in her heart that Brian would be fine. Lloyd clung to that lifeline.

At 2:oop.m. on the second day, Brian regained consciousness. He sat up, reached out with his little arms and said “Daddy hold me.” By the following day it was determined that Brian had sustained no physical or neurological damage.

A miracle had occurred. Brian’s parents and two older siblings were profoundly grateful beyond words. They felt joy and a reverence for life that they had never experienced before. Life had new meaning. They knew that they had been blessed and their love for God grew much stronger.

Almost a month later to the day of the accident, Brian woke from his nap and said, “Sit
down Mommy. I have something to tell you.” She was surprised because due to his age he had always spoken in small phrases. This was the first time he had ever put a long sentence together. She sat down on his bed and he began to tell a remarkable story.

“Do you remember when I got stuck under the garage door? Well, it was so heavy and it hurt really bad. I called to you, but you couldn’t hear me. I started to cry, but then it hurt too bad. And then the ‘birdies’ came.”

“The birdies?” his mother asked puzzled. “Yes,” he replied. “The birdies made a whooshing sound and flew into the garage. They took care of me.” “They did?” his mother said.  “Yes,” he said. “One of the birdies came and got you. She came to tell you I got stuck under the door.” Brian’s mother suddenly felt a sweet reverent feeling filling the room. She realized that her three year old son had no concept of death and spirits, so he had to be referring to the beings that came to him from beyond. He called them “birdies” because they were up
 in the air like birds that fly.

“What did the birdies look like?” she asked. Brian answered, “They were so beautiful. They were dressed in white, all white. Some of them had green and white. But some of them had on just white.” “Did they say anything” his mother asked? “Yes,” he answered. “They told me the baby would be all right.” Confused, his mother asked him who the baby was. Brian answered, “The baby lying on the garage floor.” He went on, “You came out and opened the garage door and ran to the baby. You told the baby to stay and not leave.”

His mother nearly collapsed upon hearing this; she had knelt beside Brian’s body and seeing his crushed chest whispered, “Don’t leave us Brian, please stay if you can.” As she listened to Brian telling her the words she had spoken, she realized that his spirit had left his body after he died and was looking down at his lifeless body.

“Then what happened?” she asked. “We went on a trip.” He said, “Far, far away.” Brian was frustrated as he tried to describe the things he didn’t seem to have words for. His mother calmed and comforted him, and let him know it would be okay. “We flew so fast up in the air. They’re so pretty Mommy,” he added. “And there are lots and lots of birdies.” He went on to tell her that the “birdies” had told him that he had to come back and tell everyone about the “birdies.” He said the birdies told him he had to go with the ambulance, but they would be near him. He said they were so pretty and so peaceful, and he didn’t want to come back.

Then a bright light came. He said that the light was so bright and so warm, and he loved
 the bright light so much. Someone was in the bright light and put their arms around him, and told him, “I love you but you have to go back. You have to play baseball, and tell everyone about the birdies.” Then the person in the bright light kissed him and waved bye-bye. Then woosh, the big sound came and they went into the clouds. The story went on for an hour.

Brian said that “birdies” were always with us, but we don’t see them because we look with our eyes and we don’t hear them because we listen with our ears. He said, “they are always there, you can only see them in here (he put his hand over his heart).” They whisper the things to help us to do what is right because they love us so much.

Then Brian said “I have a plan, Mommy. You have a plan. Daddy has a plan. Everyone has a plan. We must all live our plan and keep our promises. The birdies help us to do that cause they love us so much.” He kept adding things as the days went on but his story never changed. When talking about the birdies he spoke in detail and beyond his age ability. Everywhere he went, he told strangers about the “birdies.”

The family’s life was forever changed by this supernatural miracle.

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