Managing Relationship Conflict


Managing Relationship Conflict, Part One

Written by Randi G. Fine

Excerpted from my April 19, 2012 show on A Fine Time for Healing, How to Fight Fair and Compromise With Your Partner

No two people have had the same life experiences. No two people have the same expectations in every aspect of their relationship. Given their different perspectives, preferences, values and opinions it is inevitable that couples will have conflicts.

Conflict is a normal, healthy part of relationships. People who spend a significant amount of time together are bound to have it.

Successful relationships are not achieved by finding the perfect partner; they are built by developing the best skills. Couples must be willing to devote whatever time it takes to better their relationship, whether that means learning how to communicate more effectively, developing fair-fighting skills, seeking counseling, or practicing faith and spirituality together.

Problems will inevitably arise in every relationship. Each of us is subject to a barrage of influences that effect our emotions and alter our perceptions. As a result we are constantly growing and changing. Since no two people grow or change in the exact same way or at the same pace, both parties in a relationship must be flexible enough to modify and adjust. That presents a constant challenge for those seeking healthy, enduring relationships. It does not mean that all these challenges have to be difficult.

Conflict is inevitable, but when it occurs within the boundaries of respect, safety, and acceptance it can be a useful tool that brings couples closer.

The goal of a successful relationship is to achieve a balance that preserves its integrity. The overall picture of the relationship is what matters.

Always remember that you are both on the same team. Your team can win together or it can lose together. Given those choices, you might as well both set your sights on the championship.

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