Let Rage Go and Choose Love

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A Wake-up Call for Humanity

Written by Randi Fine

Before the United States election took prominence in the mass consciousness, our greatest concern was all the hate, fear, anger, negativity and darkness expanding in the world. So many of us wondered where all the negativity was coming from and why so many were jumping on the bandwagon to become part of it.

Now that the United States election has occurred, many of the people who were tirelessly working to spread love and light in this world in an effort to extinguish all the hate and darkness, have succumbed to the same dark thinking and have jumped on the same bandwagon.

Where did the worldwide love movement go? Have people forgotten that hatred and fear only produce more hatred and fear? Darkness cannot be extinguished by darkness. Darkness is fed by darkness. The only thing that can possibly extinguish hatred, anger, negativity and fear is love and light.

Emissions of both love and hate ripple eternally in the Universe. Darkness is a crafty, scheming force that when permitted can easily take us over. It only serves to make the human condition weaker and more vulnerable. Rage, a blinding emotion, breeds more rage.

Love is a much more powerful force than hate, but it takes a conscious effort on our part to focus our energies in that direction.

Why do so many believe that one human being is more powerful than the mass consciousness. That is impossible. The only thing that can possibly make one human being supremely powerful, more powerful than the collective consciousness, is to feed that person masses amount of fear, anger, and hatred. That is how to give power to that which we despise.

Resistance never works because it is restrictive. It creates far more problems than it solves. Love is expansive. It only creates solutions–never problems. Hate divides, love unifies.

I ask the raging masses to please snap out of the mindset that has overtaken them. If you wish to make a difference in the world, please let your rage go. Choose love and light instead.

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