Interpreting Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction

*Randi’s Note: Abraham is a group of entities that are “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.” Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence. Abraham has said through Esther that whenever one feels moments of great love, exhilaration, or pure joy, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is.” 

Abraham-Hicks’ Top 10 Rules of Manifesting

By Melody Larson

I’m an avid student of Abraham-Hicks. Their teachings regarding deliberate creation are empowering and universal. Over the years, as we’ve matured spiritually in our asking, Abraham has responded with ever more profound messages regarding our purpose as deliberate creators.

Here are 10 messages from Abraham, as I understand and interpret them. I call them premises because they are core truths, or principles, regarding who we are, why we’re here, and how life operates. They go beyond materialism and methods to the heart of the matter: we are eternal powerful creators, here for the purpose of joyous expansion. You don’t need a method regarding deliberate creation and Law of Attraction. You ARE the method.

  • Powerful premise #1: The universe is benevolent

Your primal belief about the nature of life itself lies at the very core of your entire Earthly experience. To be empowered, you must first feel safe. When you understand and truly believe that there is only goodness in the universe, you are freed from fear. There is no duality; no good versus evil. There is only your own separation from the flow of benevolence that is all around you. You have the choice to reconnect to that flow at any time. It is a process of learning to be proactive rather than reactive and of detaching from your identification with the ego and all of its drama.

  • Powerful premise #2: You’re not what you think you are

When you believe that you are one single person living one single life, your view of the world is steeped in separation and small thinking. The truth is that you are a multifaceted being, vast in your beingness. You are eternal. You are living innumerable lives, in both physical and nonphysical form, all at once. You are an extension of Source energy, all knowing and all powerful. You are light and love itself. When you step back and see yourself as more than just human, you access your true power as a deliberate creator. You created this world. You created this body you are currently flowing your attention into. You have the ability to create absolutely anything you choose.

  • Powerful premise #3: Worthiness first, then manifestation

Once you understand who and what you really are beyond this single human life form, worthiness comes naturally. Without this deep-seated spiritual worthiness, manifestation of all you desire can never, ever come. To be aligned with your desires, you must first be aligned with your true self: as Source. It is as Source that you manifest. Worthiness is synonymous with aligning with the Source that is the true you. When you fully grasp and internalize premises one and two, worthiness becomes the basis of your being.

  • Powerful premise #4: Both your past and your present are past tense

NOW is all there is. Your past doesn’t matter one bit in terms of who you wish to be or what you wish to create today. The past is over and dead and has no power unless you keep it alive by reliving it in your thoughts and feelings. Even more empowering, your present doesn’t really matter either. Whatever has already manifested into what you’d call present reality is old news. It’s the visual evidence of old thoughts and intentions made manifest. What you’d call the future is where the true NOW is. That’s where infinite potentials are being formed, waiting for you to catch up to them so they can then come into manifestation. Forget what has been. Forget what is. Focus on aligning with what can be.

  • Powerful premise #5: If you need it, it can’t come

Anytime you need something to manifest, you are actually focused on the fact that you don’t have it. When you are focused on the fact that you don’t have it, you are aligning with the absence of it rather than the presence of it. Law of Attraction then responds by continuing to give you the absence of it, since that is where your vibration is at. There are true needs, yes, like food and clothing and shelter. But the vast majority of things we think we “need” are not really needs, but wants. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, so long as you aren’t attached to it. You get attached to it when you believe that it’s going to make you feel fulfilled, happy, or at peace. In other words, you feel “not enough” without it. Instead, you have to feel fulfilled, happy and at peace first. You have to know you are complete and enough now. Then the thing can come.

  • Powerful premise #6: Shouting “no!” brings it right to you

It’s so important to make peace with things that bother you and to stop pushing against things you don’t like, agree with, or believe in. Anything you focus on, especially with a strong emotional reaction, just continues to come into your experience because you are vibrating a signal that matches that thing. Law of Attraction brings anything into your experience that you are strongly focused on, whether it’s something wanted or unwanted. So let go of small things that in the grand scheme of eternal life really don’t matter.  Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy and thus happily manifest what you desire? Give up the addiction to drama. Do you want drama or do you want peace, ease, and abundance?

  • Powerful premise #7: Ignorance is bliss, but avoidance is disastrous

We all have things we’d like to be different in this world; but if caring about what’s happening in the world is making you angry or miserable, you’re actually contributing to the problem due to premise number 6. You may think you’re being responsible by fighting against something, but in doing so you’re actually perpetuating it vibrationally. The most responsible thing to do is really to ignore the problem/crisis/injustice and instead put your attention on how you’d like the world to be instead.

Related to this, if you’re going out of your way to totally avoid something that makes you uncomfortable, your vibrational attention is actually on the thing causing the discomfort, and you will have a tendency to draw that thing you’re trying to avoid right into both worldly and your own personal experience.  The rule is: Neutral ignoring–good. Uncomfortable avoiding–bad.

  • Powerful premise #8: It’s not what you’re thinking; it’s how you’re vibrating

Many popular Law of Attraction teachings talk about how “thoughts create things” and have you out there practicing positive affirmations. The truth is that thoughts themselves are manifestations of vibration. It isn’t thoughts that create things. It’s your overall vibration that creates things, including thoughts. You can think or say a positive affirmation all the long days of your life, but if you don’t believe and feel what you’re thinking/saying, you aren’t a vibrational match to it. Without the underlying emotion/vibration that thought has no power to attract anything. It’s not what you think or say or even what you do; it’s how you vibrate. In other words, it’s how you feel that matters. Aim to feel good, any way you can, no matter what.

  • Powerful premise #9: The world responds to you, not the other way around

We’ve all been trained to respond to the world around us. If we like something that happens, we feel good. If we don’t like something that happens, we feel bad. You believe you have no control over what happens, and this leaves you totally disempowered. The truth is you have complete control at all times. You can choose how you wish to respond, and even more importantly, you can choose how you wish to feel and what you wish to create proactively. As Source, the world and all of creation is here to respond to you, not the other way around. You are not here to react to reality. You are here to create it.

  • Powerful premise #10: What you really want is to feel good

This is the most powerful premise to ever grasp, because it is the key to getting free from your attachment to anything you think you want, which causes you to need it, which causes you to focus on the absence of it, which causes Law of Attraction to bring things that are a match to the absence of it. Abraham asks, “Why do you want what you want? You want what you want because you think you’ll feel good in the having of it.” This is the long road to manifesting. It is so slow to wait for the thing to manifest before allowing yourself to feel good. Why not figure out what emotion you think the thing will bring you and choose to feel it now? If you can let go of the addiction to needing the full-blown manifested thing, and just go directly for the emotion first, that’s all you need to do. Eventually, the thing itself then must come because you are an emotional match to it.

Why not feel good just to feel good? Why not just be happy now and forget relying on some thing to make you feel empowered? You are Source! That’s all the reason you need to feel good. Life is reason enough to feel good. Emotion is the true manifestation. All the stuff you think you want is just frills and fringe benefits.

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Article Source:  Wisdom Pills – Medication for the Soul
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