Infecting Our Planet With Love

Heal Yourself, Save the World

Written by Randi Fine

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Ghandi

Many of us feel helpless when we hear about the inhumane atrocities that are occurring around the world. We have witnessed unfathomable cruelty – evil.  We live in terror of the possibility that this evil will soon pervade our own homelands.

We desperately look to Higher Love to save us. We throw our hands up in despair asking, “Where are you when I need you the most?”

We hope that the people we elect to our government and put into power will take the reigns and fix the problems. When they fail us we curse them.

Time is of the essence. We must each stop wringing our hands in despair. We must assume our share of responsibility. We must tap into the power that lies within each of us – the power we have that will change the course of the world. 

Many of us wonder what we can do to fix the world; to overcome the darkness that is spreading like wildfire on our planet. Truth be told,  it is much easier to do than we might believe. We must each look within. We must each explore our own existence. We must ask ourselves how we can positively change that which is within our own grasp. That is all it takes. If each of us saved ourselves we could collectively save the world.

Smile at someone today. Love is contagious, share it. Infect our planet with hope, love and magnificent light. The world is counting on you.

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