Help Has Arrived for Narcissistic Abuse

Digital Illustration of a Lifesaver

Pathological narcissists are parasites. Their very survival depends on capturing live hosts to “feed” off of. But narcissists do not feed on blood as vampires, ticks, fleas, and leeches do. They feed on the vitality of human souls, sucking the life out of each unfortunate victim; stripping the person of his or her dignity and ability to thrive, and then heartlessly discarding the person when the supply runs out; just like rancid food. One would hope that pathological narcissism is a rare occurrence, a societal anomaly, but it is not. These vermin are everywhere. They infiltrate our families, our love relationships, our friendships, and our workplaces. Because of the covert and cunning manipulation tactics used by narcissists against their targets, those who suffer their abuse do not realize they have until it is nearly too late. By then victims are confused, disoriented, despondent, and self-destructive.

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