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  1. Norma Steil on said:

    I was brought to tears when reading about Empath personalities. To know others feel the same as I do is a relief. So overwhelming I do not know what to do with this gift.

  2. Ryan on said:

    I just heard your 5 part series on NPD mothers. My 2 siblings and I just recently solved the mystery of our crazy childhood. Unfortunately it took me getting in serious trouble (and living out a lame defined role I’ve always had) to figure it out. But its really
    great to finally have some answers! One thing I never can find I do on is the silent/lost
    child which I felt was me. A lot of info about the golden child or scapegoat but not
    the forgotten child.

    • Randi G, Fine on said:

      Thank you for listening to my series on NPD. I am happy to hear that you and your siblings finally solved the mystery of your childhood abuse. That is exactly what it is for many of us, especially the ones who have suffered covert abuse. It was a huge relief for me and my sisters to finally understand why our lives turned out the way they had and why each of us had made so many bad choices. Of all the roles we play for our NPD parents, the silent/lost/forgotten child is the hardest one to recover from. I wish there was more information about that “child.” I made sure to mention it because one of my sisters was assigned that role. She has come a long way in her recovery, but a piece of the inner child’s pain still remains. My other sister and I have both fully recovered. You are at the very beginning of your journey. It is not an easy one. For one thing, NPD families have no boundaries. Until we create healthy ones for ourselves we cannot more forward. If you or your siblings get stuck in this process and need some help, I am available. Most of us do need some help to jump the hurdles. For more information, click on the Life Issues Counseling tab at the top of the page. I wish you and your siblings well.

  3. Brad on said:

    Mrs. Fine,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to devote part of your life to getting this message out there. As you surely know, growing up under the roof of an NPD family is a nightmare. But it’s a nightmare that’s all your own. I’ve found it practically impossible to express to anyone (including my wonderful wife) anything tangible about my childhood. It’s such a bizarre, insidious existence that drains you eternally, even long after leaving the home. I’ve been in and out of counselling as an adult, but only really started having success after committing to therapy and finally making the decision to completely cut off contact with my entire family about 7 years ago.

    I learned of NPD almost by accident in a way similar to what you explained in your own life. Most of what I know about the disorder comes from Sam Vaknin’s book, “Malignant Self-Love.” But hearing your voice express THE EXACT SAME experiences makes is real and validates every confusing thought I’ve had over the years. I can’t thank you enough for this.

    Any advice on finding a support network specifically tailored to NPD in my area? (New Orleans, La.) And any advice on finding a therapist specifically trained for NPD in my area? Our phone book has them listed by very broad categories. And from my experience in the past, some therapists have little to no experience or understanding of NPD. I feel it really is one aspect of Psychology that needs someone with extensive experience to treat and understand.



    • Randi G, Fine on said:

      Thank you for your comment Brad. This disorder causes a lifetime of pain to its victims. I know first hand the devastation that it causes and how hard it is to overcome. That is why I work so hard to get the message out. Knowledge is power. Without it we cannot heal. Not all therapists understand NPD. I am providing you with a VIP link for a free one hour counseling session with me if you would like to talk about this. Just go to and schedule an appointment with me. Together we can help you move forward.

  4. DEEPAK DANG on said:

    I found the link of web-site from face book of my friend. On going through I found it useful & change the attitude of people who have lost the hope. Deepak Dang

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    • Randi G, Fine on said:

      Please tell your friend thank you for referring you. Welcome to my website. I hope you continue to find inspiration here. You may want to visit my radio show page and listen to some of the shows that have been recorded. Many people are finding them beneficial to their lives. Thank you so much for your comment. ~Randi~

  6. I’m incredibly grateful to have found you and your radio show. EVERYTHING you say makes perfect sense and I am living a very gratified life.. the world needs to hear your wisdom. ~ J

  7. Dear Randi,

    I don’t know where to begin when it comes to expressing my gratitude to you for your kind insight and direction. As we discussed, Karma must be borne from the heart, and you are the epitome of good Karma, and the personification of happiness.

    My life is now more enriched to have met you, and I thank you for our new found friendship. I’m grateful to you for inspiring all of us through your books, blog radio show and via your wonderful website.

    A New Dedicated Fan,

    Vince Vega

  8. Lovely website, Randi! It’s a pleasure to read and gaze at. Have liked a couple of your books; give me some time to go through them all.
    Best wishes,

  9. rand8492 on said:


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