Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™

With Certified Wholeness Coach Randi Fine

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NBP can change behavioral conditioning and limiting beliefs, such as: “I’m inadequate,” “I’m not worthy,” and “I’m not lovable.” Unlike some psychotherapy methods that take weeks or months to facilitate changes, this technique is quick and efficient.

Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

How Does NBP Work?

Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™ is Dr. Michiyo’s patented technique in engaging both the left and right brain in the processing of traumatic memories. Dr. Michiyo has been using NBP in practice for the past 8 years to treat trauma and has a 99.9% success rate with her own clients. It is her goal to help you discover your Ikigai; a Japanese concept that is your “reason for being” that gives your life meaning, purpose and happiness.

NBP combines techniques from complex disciplines including yogic breathing, visualization, EFT “Tapping”, EMDR, and integrating the left and right sides of the brain functions.

NBP incorporates yogic breathing, visualization, EFT “Tapping”, and EMDR so that the client can relax and be brought down to the subconscious level.

Normally, our memories are resolved by the involvement of both the right and left sides of our brain. However, the memories of highly emotional situations (trauma) get “stuck” in limbic part of the right-side brain (which controls emotions and survival responses and remain subconscious) and they don’t get the benefit of the left-brain’s rational and logical processing functions. 

Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™ stimulates both sides of the brain and allows the disturbing, subconscious memory to be processed by the two sides of the brain, and it is finally resolved rationally.

“The emotional, traumatic blocks we all carry within are embedded on a cellular level, and they keep us from the joy and success in our lives that we know we deserve.”

– Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius

Benefits of NBP

  • Perform at higher levels of energy and enthusiasm

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased confidence and competence

  • Increased  income due to increased confidence and productivity

  • Contribute more to your community, company or organization

  • Make a difference in the world

  • Be more loving, compassionate, and caring in relationships

  • Care more for yourself and others

  • Create a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life

  • Freedom to create the life you’ve dreamed of

  • Letting go of old pain

Randi Fine

Fine Coaching Counseling

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