Divorce and Narcissism

Divorce and Narcissism

How to Communicate, Set Boundaries, and Get What You NEED From a Narcissist

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Just saying the word divorce is tough and the grief can be so overwhelming.  No one prepares you for it.  The pain, the fear, the sadness, and the anger are debilitating.

It’s no secret – so many people are at their wits’ end regarding what to do with co-parenting their children and when it is alongside a narcissist, it makes life that much harder. As you know, divorce is hard enough – and narcissism adds a whole other layer that many are ill equipped to handle. These battles happen daily, and can slowly erode the relationship between parent and child and parent and parent.

That’s why I was so thrilled when my friend and Founder of The Divorce Rehab™, Wendy Sterling, told me she was putting together an all-star expert LIVE SHOW (will not be recorded) called Divorce & Narcissism: How to Communicate, Set Boundaries and Get What You NEED from a Narcissist.

And I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend!  Register for FREE at https://www.wendysterling.net/divorce-and-narcissism-live

IT WILL BE LIVE so you can watch from home, the office or on the go ONLY on Tuesday, September 29th (will not be recorded)

These interviews are REAL, short and to the point. And every expert has a FREE GIFT to offer you, just for listening live!

You will learn from 10 Experts in this LIVE SHOW about:

  • What You Should Know Before Leaving Your Narcissistic Spouse -Randi Fine 8am PT/10am CT/11am ET Recap and questions starting at 8:40am PT/10:40CT/11am ET.
  • A new speaker at the top of every hour with recap and questions following

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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