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6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello Randi,
    I have cried listening to you talk about your NPD mother. I am in the UK and I have been looking for help to no avail. I am an only, adopted at birth, child of a NPD Mother. My Father recently passed away and I vowed to make changes when he passed. I grew up in a dysfunctional NPD home yet from the outside it was picture perfect. My mother has every aspect of NPD. She now wants to come and live with me which is out of the question but threatens to kill herself, disinherit me etc.
    I am so overwhelmed to have found your site, I feel hope for once. The empathy I felt listening to you was incredible.
    I would like to look for a counsellor here in England that could help me, do you know of any? I have reached a crisis point as I just can’t take the constant abuse. I am physically , mentally and spiritually drained. I suffer anxiety and ME, the ME was stress related and I have two Daughters. I am a very empathetic person and like to think of myself as kind. I did have a great job and am highly qualified in my field yet I give it to her as I feel inappropriate guilt. Anyway, Thank you so much for giving me hope and if there are any contacts you have for private therapists in England or Scotland please advise me.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      It is wonderful to meet you. Thank you for sharing your difficult situation. You know that I can relate. I wish I knew of someone who could help you in your area but sorry to say that I do not. Surely you are aware that I have counseling clients from all over the world and could help you if you would like to talk to me. If you would rather see someone face to face, I recommend that you search for someone with family abuse experience, and then qualify them for their knowledge and experience treating Narcissistic Abuse. Please know that I am here for you if ever and whenever you need me. I wish you well.

  2. Can you please help me I read your article …are you a empath …. I thought it was just me who felt like this I feel the whole worlds pain ….it is getting me nowhere is there a cure? ……I really hate feeling like this because nobody understands xxx

  3. Hi Randi,

    Your article has really helped me understand things better and that I am not alone. I have a narcissistic, histrionic mother.

    All my life I have been trying to get her love and approval. I finally decided that I
    have had enough of her abuse. I will not accept it anymore, I am better than that, and I deserve better than that. Enough is enough. I pains me that I have to cut her off, but is better for me.

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you found the article helpful and that you no longer feel alone. Those of us who have narcissistic mothers have suffered the most devastating emotional abuse. It takes us a long time to unravel the confusion and realize that we didn’t deserve the treatment we received. Sometimes “No Contact” is the only option we have. It is difficult because it goes against everything society and religion teaches us, and people tend to judge us rather than support us. Know that you have a huge community of support–there are many of us out there. If you haven’t listened to my radio show you would probably benefit from doing so. I did a six-episode series that covered everything about NPD. If you’d like to listen go to, and then select the shows that interest you.

  4. Hello Randi,

    I recently stumbled upon your BTR show on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and found it unbelievably helpful.

    Recently, I separated from my partner of 6 years and have only now begun to realize what I was experience with her. We have an 11 month old boy together who she disappeared with in dramatic fashion. I haven’t seen my son for 4 months now and have been working with the courts to get him in my custody. As NPDs do, she has put up every wall possible, even to the point of having gangsters threaten me.

    Within the past months I have been reading everything I can find on BPD and now, NPD. Finally I now have the vocabulary to describe my experiences. But what scares me the most is the potential damage to my son.

    Randi, I am writing to you to ask if you have transcripts of your 6 part show on NPD?

    Thank you kindly,

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