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consciousness1Conscious Living

Written by authors Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith in their book, Remembering Who We Are: Laarkma’s Guidance on Healing the Human Condition (copyrighted material)

If we wish to make conscious choices, we must begin by turning our focus away from others’ behavior and towards our own. This requires a change of strategy in our interactions. We must reprogram ourselves to stop reacting to others and our environment and instead begin to choose conscious actions, regardless of what others are saying or doing. These conscious actions can be as simple as walking away or no-engagement in conflict, learning neither to defend ourselves nor attack others, or quieting ourselves to the degree that we are able to actually listen to the truth in our own hearts. As I (Cullen) always say, “You cannot be in a state of compassion if you are in a state of reaction. And you cannot be in a state of reaction if you are in a state of compassion.” A decision to hold our own peace and not to react to others enhances our ability to make every choice from a place of compassion, both for ourselves and for others. As we turn our focus away from the behavior of others and towards our own behavior, we can begin to ask ourselves honest questions about how we are engaging in life. Here are a few questions we find helpful in examining ourselves:

  • How am I greeting the world with my face (my expressions) and my speech?
  • Am I expressing negative energy in my thoughts, tones, or speech?
  • Do I remember that every thought I place in my own water (within my own being) either enhances or pollutes the water of all others and the planet?
  • Are my tones and words filled with kindness, compassion, and love?
  • Am I actively taking responsibility for what is mine to change?
  • Am I inappropriately taking responsibility for what is not mine?
  • Am I looking for goodness, rather than flaws?
  • How am I being unconscious in my habitual behaviors?
  • How am I being thoughtless or insensitive to others?
  • Are the differences I notice attached to emotions and beliefs?
  • What do I believe that keeps me stuck?
  • How are my perceptions incorrect?
  • Do I spend enough time connecting to Nature?
  • Am I being quiet enough to really listen?

The questions above refer to choices in our actions as governed by our thoughts; they are examples of how to apply *The Ten Choices in our daily activities and interactions. As we ask ourselves these questions, it becomes easier and easier to make better choices consciously. As we consider the above questions we find Laarkmaa’s wise counsel interwoven through each word. *The Ten Choices compiled from Laarkmaa’s comprehensive wisdom, will certainly guide us into our own healing and the remembrance of Who We Are.

*The Ten Choices for Evolution

The explanation of each Ten Choices is found in Chapter 10: Guidelines for Living in Pia and Cullen’s book Remembering Who We Are: Laarkma’s Guidance on Healing the Human Condition
  • The First Choice: Choose love.
  • The Second Choice: Choose trust.
  • The Third Choice: Choose to create new perspectives for cooperation rather than competition.
  • The Fourth Choice: Choose to be compassionate.
  • The Fifth Choice: Choose transcendence.
  • The Sixth Choice: Choose truth.
  • The Seventh Choice: Choose to illuminate our lives with joy.
  • The Eighth Choice: Choose to connect.
  • The Ninth Choice: Choose harmony.
  • The Tenth Choice: Choose to be aware, to be responsible, and to make choices from the heart in every present moment.

Copyrighted material reprinted only with permission from authors Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith

Listen to the interview I did with Pia, Cullen, and Laarkma on A Fine Time for Healing. Hear Laarkma’s voice as the star entity answers to my questions.

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