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Amazing things are happening on my Blog Talk Radio Show, A Fine Time for Healing in the months of June and July!

I have been very fortunate to book twelve fascinating guest experts in the fields of spirituality, healing, UFO phenomenon, and metaphysics who will be on the show LIVE to take your calls. Be sure to save the dates and call in live! Healings, Past Life Reviews, Psychic Channeling, and Tarot Reading will all be generously offered to live callers for FREEHear fascinating stories about historically documented cases of UFO contact, listen to experts talk about what the spiritual world is like, gain new perspectives on your own spiritual growth.

Your calls will bring these shows to life! Here is a list of the shows that are already scheduled on my show page. I am still in the process of scheduling the rest of my already booked guests on Blog Talk Radio. Check my show page regularly for updates.

June 3, 2014 – How the Physical & Spiritual Worlds Interact, with Medium Kelle Sparta

Special guest, Kelle Sparta, a gifted medium, shaman, psychic, channeler, and healer who has been interacting with souls who have passed ever since she was in her crib, will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing and take your calls. As a healer, Kelle reads auras and uses her intuitive gifts to help her clients discover the areas they need to focus their work on to accelerate their personal growth. Today Kelle will talk about her gift, share her experiences, and explain how the physical world interacts with the spiritual world. Save the date and tune in live to hear Kelle! It is going to be a fantastic show! For more information about Kelle Sparta, please go to 

June 6, 2014 – Changing the Way We Die: The Hospice Movement with Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel Special guests, Sheila Himmel and Fran Smith, both award winning writers who have written extensively about health care in America for publications such as O, The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post, appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing to discuss the hospice movement and take your calls. Fran and Sheila demystify the common misconceptions about hospice being a last resort place we go to die, but rather a way to live–the best hope for peaceful dying well and living fully until we do. They present the hospice movement as a philosophy of deeper respect for the spiritual dimensions of life and the transition to whatever comes next. After sharing their feelings about the experiences of losing their fathers in a close period of time, these two friends co-authored the book, Changing the Way We Die: Compassionate End of Life Care and the Hospice Movement. The purpose of their book is “to lift hospice out of the shadows; to explore how its compassionate holistic approach is changing the way Americans dies and how its principles can be integrated in health care broadly, to improve care for everyone.” For more information about these special guests and their wonderfully eye opening book, please visit

June 10, 2014 – The Traveling Tarot Psychic Stephen Dillard-Carroll

Special guest Stephen-Dillard Carroll, a gifted psychic, tarot reader, and spiritual advisor will be LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing, ready to take your calls, answer your questions, and give FREE readings. He will also explain Tarot to us and discuss the journey he took to cultivate his gift. Stephen, who calls himself “The Traveling Tarot,” believes in keeping things “light.” He will share with us the reason why he infuses a lot of humor into his readings. Today Stephen will bring a healthy dose of life empowerment to all who listen. Save the date and be sure to call in! To learn more about Stephen Dillard-Carroll, please visit his website,

**Special Note – There was a glitch in the system and Stephen Dillard-Carroll had difficulty calling in. Our switchboard was full of callers. He did several free readings to those who called in, but time ran out and some callers did not get to have the free reading they hoped for. Stephen has agreed to come back on July 9th at 12 p.m. EST so we can have more time with him.

June 11, 2014 – Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation with Aingeal Rose O’Grady Special guest Aingeal Rose O’Grady, a healer trained in many modalities will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing and take your calls. In her healing work, Angeal provides understanding, guidance, and support that far surpass the linear view commonly experienced in the physical world. Today she will discuss her book, A Time of Change: Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation, the first in a series of her “Honest-to-God” books. The Akashic Records is a library in the spiritual realm where recordings of the entire history of life are kept. Within that library is every soul’s own book detailing each of the many lifetimes it has experienced as well as its spiritual experiences in the non-physical world. Aingeal, who has been doing Akashic readings for the past 15 years, will be discussing the Akashic Records in greater detail, explaining where the records are located, how they can be accessed, and why each of us may benefit from accessing them. For more information about Aingeal Rose O’Grady and her fascinating book, please visit

June 13, 2014 – Greatest UFO Story Ever Told, with Chad Meek

Special guest Chad Meek, Writer, Director, and Executive Producer of epic UFO thriller,Giant Rock The Movie will be LIVE on a Fine Time for Healing to tell his spellbounding story. Chad is the nephew of reknowned 1950’s Ufologist George Van Tassel, who for many years allegedly channelled extraterrestrials at a place in the Mohave Desert know as “Giant Rock.” Today Chad will talk about the events he witnessed as a child while living at Giant Rock, including his own childhood UFO abductions.He will explain how as a young boy he knew ahead of time that he was going to have an encounter. He will share the emotional pain he suffered as a result of all his experiences and talk about the psychic powers the abductions left him with. This is story like no other. Be sure to save the date and tune in. To find out more about Chad’s movie, please visit http://www.giantrockthemovie

June 17, 2014 – Matthew Douglas Channels Spiritual Advisor Group Called Rainbow Walker Today’s special guest is the very gifted spiritual channeler Matthew Douglas. Matthew has been channeling collective spiritual advisors who call themselves Rainbow Walker since 2003. This group includes Yogi (an ancient master), Joy (an angel who raises the vibration), Zac (Matthew’s personal guide), and Seth (his friend Cheryl’s personal guide and confirmed to be the same guide who worked with renown channel Jane Roberts in the 1970’s)). Matthew lovingly shares Rainbow Walker’s perspective on any topic. Today he will appear LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing channeling his Rainbow Walker advisors. These spiritual advisors will be present, channeled through Matthew, ready with their infinite wisdom to take your calls and answer your questions. Mark your calendar and save the date. This will be a remarkable show to experience. To find out more about Matthew Douglas and the six books he co-wrote, as well as watch Matther channel his advisors, please visit

June 18, 2014 – Emotion Code Healing Therapy with Tim Janakos Special Guest Tim Janakos, certified Emotion Code practitioner, student of several other healing modalities, and host of his own podcast, From Time Without Beginning, will be on A Fine Time for Healing, calling in LIVE from his home in Japan. Emotion Code Therapy is based on the concept that we all store in our bodies emotional baggage from past emotionally charged events. It is an energy-based therapy used to quickly identify these trapped energies and rapidly release them. Tim will be doing free live call-in energy healing sessions for 3 to 5 callers. Everyone listening LIVE will get an Access clearing and at the end of the show, a group Quantum Touch 2.0 Healing. This is an experience you don’t want to miss. Save the date and call-in. For more information on Tim Janakos please go to

June 27, 2014 – The Path to Spiritual Maturity with Dr. Margaret Placentra Johnston

Special guest Margaret Placentra Johnston, OD, author of the award winning book, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind, will be sharing her well-educated perspectives and discussing her book LIVE today on a Fine Time for Healing. Dr. Johnston’s “Spiritual Development Theory” is based on the work of fourteen theorists of various centuries, parts of the world, and disciplines. These theorists have all described a universal spiritual path toward improving the collective human experience in our current reality and uniting us all in our common search for a connection with something greater than ourselves. Dr. Johnston offers an eye-opening perspective of spirituality based on conscious choice that looks past the restrictions of organized religion; one that is highly beneficial to each of us personally and to the global world we live in. To learn more about Margaret Placentra Johnston, OD and her book, please visit

July 1, 2014 – Natural Intuitive Janet Nestor Channels Those Who Have Passed

Special guest Janet Nestor, gifted natural intuitive, channel, and medium will be here LIVE to take your calls and help you connect with loved ones who have passed on. Janet is also a licensed counselor, energy psychologist and energy medicine practitioner who has written two empowering books, Pathways to Wellness and Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self-Care. As time permits she will be discussing a technique called Mindful Lifestyle Training; a technique she teaches to others to help them stay in a wakeful, relaxed state. Save the date. Be sure to tune in and talk live to this fabulous guest! To learn more about Janet Nestor and her books, please visit

July 9, 2014 – The Traveling Tarot Stephen Dillard-Carroll

Due to popular demand, special guest Stephen-Dillard Carroll, a gifted psychic, tarot reader, and spiritual advisor will be returning for the second time, LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing, ready to take your calls, answer your questions, and give readings. He will also explain Tarot to us and discuss the journey he took to cultivate his gift. Stephen, who calls himself “The Traveling Tarot,” believes in keeping things “light.” He will share with us the reason why he infuses a lot of humor into his readings. Today Stephen will bring a healthy dose of life empowerment to all who listen. Save the date and be sure to call in! To learn more about Stephen Dillard-Carroll, please visit his website,

July 11, 2014 – Communicating with the Other Side with Psychic Medium Betsey Lewis

Special guest, Betsey Lewis, internationally known Psychic Medium, Radio Show Host, Author, and Earth Mysteries Investigator will be here LIVE. She will talk about the incredible paranormal experiences she has encountered throughout her life that spawned her newest book, Communicating With the Other Side: True Experiences of a Psychic Medium. Betsey will be sharing some of her compelling validations from the Other Side and some incredibly accurate premonitions she has made. She will talk about the many times she was saved from injury and death by invisible hands. Betsey will not be giving readings today, though she will be available to answer questions about her experiences. This will be a very eye opening show! Tune in live. To learn more about Betsey Lewis and her books, please  visit

July 22, 2014 – Limbic Resonance: Science of Human Emotions with Dr. Lyn Boyer

Special guest, Dr. Lyn Boyer, a leadership coach, author, and online learning guide will be LIVE on A Fine Time for Healing to discuss the very fascinating topic, Limbic Resonance. The Limbic Resonance concept is based on the premise that our brain chemistry and nervous systems are measurably affected by those closest to us. The scientific theory of Limbic Resonance is that the capacity for sharing deep emotional states arises from the limbic system of the brain. This topic gained popularity after the publishing of the book A General Theory of Love, written by Thomas Lewis. Today Dr. Boyer will give us a clearer understanding of how Limbic Resonance works, why it is so important that we understand the effect it has in our lives, and how she applies it in her practice. To learn more about Dr. Lyn Boyer, her books, and her services please visit her website

July 30, 2014 – The Connection Between Root Canals and Cancer with Cancer Expert Bill Henderson

Today’s special guest is Bill Henderson, a best selling author, radio show host, and for the last 16 years a cancer “coach” for over 5,000 patients in 68 countries.Bill has made many presentations all over the U.S. and Canada, and published 186 free newsletters to his audience of 38,000 readers on the subject of natural cancer healing. Today Bill is going to talk about a topic he has studied for many years – the connection between certain dental procedures and cancer. He is on a mission to expose what he believes is a deadly deception to the public about their dental health, with the goal of spreading the word to as many people as possible. You don’t want to miss this highly informative, eye opening show. Tune in live and call in with your questions. For more information about Bill Henderson, please visit

So much more to come!!!  

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