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Self Respect Personal Rights Bill

I have a right to experience and then let go of fear, guilt, and shame. I have a right to make decisions based on my feelings, my judgement, or any reason that I choose. I have a right to change … Continue reading

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Master Class Interview with Randi Fine

Turn Your Triggers Into Treasures Master Class Interview with Silvia Hantea  Randi Fine talks with Silvia Hantea about trauma, childhood, and other emotional issues. Hits: 241

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Releasing Unexpressed Emotions

Image Source Releasing Unexpressed Emotion Emotional Healing Written by Randi Fine Unexpressed emotion will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. ~Sigmund Freud Most of the feelings that interfere with our lives today, … Continue reading

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Unconditionally Loved Children Blossom Grow Soar

Many of us, myself included, have suffered through difficult childhoods.  It is with greater clarity that we are able to evaluate our past from an adult perspective.  Though we may be cognizant of the root of our pain, our childhood … Continue reading

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Healing the Child Within

Healing Our Inner Child Excerpted from the October 23, 2013 show on A Fine Time for Healing, Reparenting the Wounder Inner Child. As the adult, it is time to re-parent, make peace with, and heal that wounded part of you … Continue reading

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Reparenting Wounded Inner Child

Re-parenting the Wounded Inner Child Transcript excerpt from the October 23, 2013 on A Fine Time for Healing  Reparenting the Wounded Inner Child by Randi Fine The expression, “inner child,” may sound like a bunch of psycho babble to you. … Continue reading

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Emotional Wellness

Pursuing Optimal Emotional Wellness Article written by Randi Fine Self-improvement advice on virtually any topic that interests us, written from endless points of views, is right at our fingertips. Most of the articles I write are of this genre, often … Continue reading

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