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Choosing To Think Act Speak Feel More Consciously

Image Source How to Choose More Consciously Written by authors Pia Smith Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith in their book, Remembering Who We Are: Laarkma’s Guidance on Healing the Human Condition (copyrighted material) If we wish to make conscious choices, … Continue reading

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Psychic Channel Brings Forth Spiritual Wisdom from Beyond

Photo by Kevin M. Klerks I posed the following questions to the spiritual advisor group who collectively call themselves, “Rainbow Walker,” channeled by Matthew Douglas, on my June 17, 2014 show on A Fine Time for Healing. These videos are the actual recordings … Continue reading

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Recognizing Ourselves as Multidimensional Beings

Photo Image by Alice Popkorn   Graphics by Randi Fine The Life of Your Dreams Waking Up to the Shifts Occurring Within Daily OM Post Written by Madisyn Taylor We are multidimensional beings and our earthly aspects are a very small part of … Continue reading

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Past Life Recall

Evolution of The Soul Life Lessons through Reincarnation A Daily OM Article  Often we reincarnate on earth with our soul family and often our most intense relationships are with our soul family. You meet someone for the first time and feel … Continue reading

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Connecting With Inner Spiritual Light

We Are Beings of Light Beyond the Physical by Madisyn Taylor from Daily OM It is through our connection to our light that we know things beyond what the visible world can tell us. We are all beings of light. … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual

What Is Spirituality Excerpted from the April 30, 2011 podcast show on A Fine Time for Healing Faith and Spirituality: The Foundation of a Fulfilling Life The word spirituality is often interchanged with the words faith and religion. Though they are interrelated, … Continue reading

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Synchronicities Are Meaningful Coincidences

Synchronicities  Written by Randi Fine “Coincidences are spiritual puns”~ G.K. Chesterton We have all heard the common mantra, “There are no coincidences.”  Whether believer or skeptic, we have all experienced these fascinating and seemingly random occurrences in life that seem … Continue reading

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