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How to Be Your Authentic Self

Staying True to Your Authentic Self Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine Written by Randi Fine Being your authentic self is difficult in a world that discourages individuality. Every day a barrage of forces tells us what to believe, what to think, how to look, and how to live our lives. We are …

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Living the Legacy You Hope To Leave Behind Part Two

You Are Living Your Life But Are You Living Your Legacy? Part Two of a Three Part Article Written by Randi Fine A life lived virtuously and consciously ripples and reverberates eternal. That is the legacy of unsung heroes. That is one of the legacies I hope to leave behind and try to live every …

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Dealing with Emotional Setbacks

How to Throw a Successful Pity Party and Then Start Thriving Again by Author, Randi Fine I have discussed this thought in previous articles, but this time I will state it in the form of an affirmation: “There is a reason of greater good for everything that happens.” Acknowledging that there is a greater good does not necessarily soften the impact or …

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Emotional Wellness

Pursuing Optimal Emotional Wellness Article written by Randi Fine Self-improvement advice on virtually any topic that interests us, written from endless points of views, is right at our fingertips. Most of the articles I write are of this genre, often with a New Age slant. Websites that I publish articles on, such as SelfGrowth.com and Curezone.com, are …

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