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Loved One Beyond Sends Hopeful Message

Hopeful Messages From the Afterlife Article Written by Randi Fine As I stated in my article, Is There Life After Death, for many years I have had an insatiable curiosity about the infinitive properties of consciousness. That curiosity has led … Continue reading

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Radiant Heart Meditation

Suzanne Giesemann’s Radiant Heart Meditation Shared by Randi Fine On October 19, 2014 I attended a spiritually transforming event with world renowned author and evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann to celebrate the launch of her latest book, Wolf’s Message. Wolf’s Message is one … Continue reading

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Psychic Channel Brings Forth Spiritual Wisdom from Beyond

Photo by Kevin M. Klerks I posed the following questions to the spiritual advisor group who collectively call themselves, “Rainbow Walker,” channeled by Matthew Douglas, on my June 17, 2014 show on A Fine Time for Healing. These videos are the actual recordings … Continue reading

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Karma Cause Effect

Karma: The Cause and Effect of Our Actions  Transcript from the September 9, 2011 podcast show on A Fine Time for Healing Written by Randi G. Fine The word Karma is new age and trendy.  We see it used on food … Continue reading

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