Beware Marketers Posing as Narcissistic Abuse Healers

Beware Marketers Posing as Narcissistic Abuse Healers

Written by Randi Fine, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

We live in a dangerous world where predators abound. It is difficult to recognize them because they wear disguises. Some emotionally destroy us, some physically harm us, and some steal our money.

If you have suffered the devastating effects of narcissist abuse you are hurting. Perhaps you are still being targeted and the abuse continues.

You are in a state of mind that you don’t understand. It is disturbing, frustrating, overwhelming, unrelenting, and painful. It’s important to recognize that this state of mind makes you vulnerable to predators.

With suffering nearly impossible to bear, you just want the pain to stop. There are people who claim that they understand your pain and will offer you a path to healing.  Some are legitimate, many are not.

The charlatans hawking their snake oil appear as shiny, charismatic and professional. Understand that they are business people first; usually talented marketers or coaches who have been taught how to market themselves.  In reality these people are simply trying to make a living…off of you.

Most of the high-priced programs offered are so ineffective that once completed you will not feel any better.  You may feel temporary relief but the root cause of your pain will never be addressed and your pain will linger.

When you don’t feel better, who do you blame? You probably don’t blame the program, sold by a so-called “professional” who claims to understand what you are going through. No—you blame yourself. The disappointing experience just confirms the belief you’ve been carrying around; that you are fundamentally inept. And after having put all your eggs in this one basket, you now feel hopeless and maybe even foolish.

I have recently been made aware of one such charlatan. This person is targeting and hurting the very people I want to help and I am outraged.

The person I am referring to is cunning, a phenomenally talented marketer, and likely a covert narcissist. Innumerable people around the globe have been seduced into becoming followers. Chapters are being set up around the world. It is cult-like and the appeal is spreading like wildfire.

It is easy to buy into the scam. This person writes extensively, has published several books about divorce and narcissism, seems genuine and empathetic, talks the lingo with ease, is endorsed by a celebrity, and has a relatable and believable personal story.  The website provides a referral list of therapists and attorneys (probably some flying monkeys) who have likely been sold on the fraud.

The premise of the fraud is that parental alienation is junk science. This person claims to have fought a narcissistic spouse in court and won full custody of their children.

There is not a victim of narcissistic abuse anywhere who has suffered the alienation of their children by a narcissist who would debunk the phrase “parental alienation.”  Only those who are compelled to ruin the life of their targets would; in other words narcissists.

This person teaches those divorcing narcissists how to be ruthless and win at any cost. Sound familiar?

Good people are getting hurt. Desperate parents who are up against this formidable force are wrongly losing custody of their children by the very narcissists who abused them in the first place. This is disturbing on so many levels.

It deeply concerns me that so many vulnerable people are being led astray and that so many innocent children are ending up in the constraints of an abusive narcissistic parent.

What is the message in all of this?  Do not blindly trust shiny, charismatic, enticing people without using good sense and doing an investigation—and do not give large sums of money in the hopes of healing your pain to anyone. That is entirely unnecessary.  Watch out for cult-like movements with masses of people following one person. That’s a clear red flag unless that person is a celebrity.

Find people who are legitimate; who have a track record of success and an impeccable reputation.

I devote my life to helping victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse. I have not chosen this career. This career has chosen me. I have not been assigned an easy task but I am grateful for the opportunity to help people and am completely committed to doing so. If you want help I am here for you. I am trustworthy.

Learn more about me and my work at

Please stay smart and stay safe.

Randi Fine is an internationally renowned narcissistic abuse expert and coach, and the author of the groundbreaking book Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivor’s Guide to Healing, the most comprehensive, most well researched, and most up-to-date book on this subject. In addition to helping survivors recognize their abuse and heal from it, this book teaches mental health professionals how to recognize and properly treat the associated abuse syndrome. She is also the author of Cliffedge Road: A Memoir, the first and only book to characterize the life-long progression of complications caused by narcissistic child abuse.

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