Are You Suffering From Narcissistic Abuse

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Please note: All sessions are done privately and discreetly over the phone. I never see your telephone number and you don’t see mine. We both call in on an assigned conference call number.

Are You Suffering From Narcissistic Abuse?

Do you feel powerless, emotionally drained, frustrated, or guilt ridden every time you interact with your parents? Have you been suffering from unexplained depression, self-esteem issues, anger, and/or anxiety for most of your life and have never been able to put your finger on exactly why? If so you may be an adult child of a parent with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

At first it may be difficult for you understand how much Narcissistic Personality Disorder has impacted your life – to attribute NPD abuse to how you are feeling. But many “AHA” moments.will arise for you as you awaken to the facts about this insidious disorder.

I am the surviving adult child of an NPD parent and I have studied every facet of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now I passionately help adult survivors of NPD abuse to reclaim their lives.

I will help you to identify the problem that is disrupting your life, help you set clear boundaries between you and your NPD abuser, and help you find a strategy to deal with the problem; one that feels right for you.

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Free Advice Fridays for Your Narcissistic Abuse Issues

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