Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

Are you  tired of suffering? Are you fed up with practitioners who mean well but never get to the core of your issues? Are you ready to take a deep dive into your past and excavate the toxic, festering burdens that lie there? Isn’t it time to claim life on your terms, where you are now? Who deserves that freedom more than you?
Search no more. Letting Go of Past Pain and Creating the Life You Deserve is a comprehensive course in the spirit of healing and personal growth. This self-paced workshop, developed by narcissistic abuse expert Randi Fine, takes you on a powerful, compassionate journey where you will meet your inner child, identify blocked emotions, experience feelings and emotions, understand and come to terms with unhealthy regret and guilt, forgive yourself for anything you feel you have done, chose whether or not to forgive others, accept yourself, put the past in the rear view mirror, and last but certainly not least, learn how to love yourself.
You CAN do this! You don’t have to hurt anymore. 
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