Randi Fine

Randi Fine

Randi Fine is a dedicated pioneer in the narcissistic abuse movement and a Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse expert. She is a radio show host, author, and Coach/Counselor living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Through her wealth of experience, insight, and wisdom, she offers hope, compassion, and healing to others.

Randi is the author of the groundbreaking book, Close Encounters of the Worst Kind: The Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Guide to Healing and Recovery, and the compelling memoir, Cliffedge Road.

As a Coach/Counselor, Randi specializes in (but is not limited to) helping others work through issues relating to relationship codependency, narcissistic personality disorder abuse, emotional boundaries, letting go of the past, and letting go of unhealthy guilt.

Her blog Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine is read in 180 countries around the globe. She hosts the blog talk-radio show, A Fine Time for Healing: A Sanctuary for Your Emotional Wellbeing.  On her popular show she interviews the top people in their fields, discussing self-help and spiritual life-skill topics that heal and enhance the life experiences of others.

For easy access to Randi’s website, books, YouTube videos, and Podcasts, or to make an appointment with her, please visit her mobile app, Narcissistic Abuse Awareness.

Randi is also a jewelry artist who owns the web-boutique: RaFi Jewelry Designs of Ft. Lauderdale on Etsy.

Randi has two adult children: a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, and has been married to her wonderful husband Billy for 32 years.


Its hard to know where to start but I’ll start by saying you have completely changed my life.  I came across your podcasts about 2 years ago and when I started to listen to them I was blown away by the fact that it seemed like you were describing my mum and her behaviour, without having ever met her.  From the moment I started listening to you my life changed.  It was so nice to hear you speak the truth and not sugar coat anything.  You tell it how it is and how bad these people really are and that there is no hope of change for them.  This was initially a hard pill to swallow but after years and years of narcissistic abuse from my mum I knew deep down that you were right.  I had tried everything that was humanly possible to change the unhealthy relationship I had with my mum and then slowly realising blow after blow that this relationship was never going to improve.  I first went little contact but of course that didn’t work until i finally went no contact.  This was the hardest but one of the best decisions I have ever made.  No longer was she constantly in my head and consuming every single part of my life in a negative way.  I was finally feeling the freedom of having her out of my life.  No drama. No criticism. No second guessing and the list goes on.  The amazing thing about your podcast is that when I was feeling low and second guessing myself I had a kind, educated and helpful person to listen to.  You will never really know the extent to how you have helped me through the really dark times and I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your story and knowledge with us. I want to thank you again for your ongoing, ground breaking and amazing work bringing narcissistic abuse to the masses through your podcast.  It is such a complicated web that we are in when we have to deal with these people and having you as my guide through this journey has been life changing. -S

You don’t know me but I feel like I know you. Your voice is a regular part of my daily life and your words of wisdom have helped guide me through the worst time in my life. I emailed you a while back when I had just been discarded by my narc sociopath and was losing my will to live. I was, in the blink of an eye, a single mother fleeing for my life and living in a tornado of madness! I lost my home, my dog, my cat, my family, and myself. My narc was divorcing me and trying to financially ruin me among many other things. I am happy to report that my divorce is over and the light has prevailed. The judge saw the injustice and demanded the narc provide me a settlement. I feel like in some way you helped make that possible by preparing me and arming me with the tools I needed to fight the good fight grey rock style. And I also see the world waking up to the tactics of these soulless monsters and fighting back. Its all really good stuff! So basically this email is just a giant thank you! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR ALL YOU DO! Now…off to read your book :)- -J

Many thanks for all you do to encourage and inspire us survivors to live our lives to the fullest inspite of our painful and traumatic journeys.  I recently came across your radio show and you have done such a beautiful job of exposing this disorder that is so damaging and stigmatizing to those of us who had to unfortunately walk this path.  I still have a lot of healing to do. I lost some many years of my life of the abuse I experienced as a vulnerable child.  Thank you again for creating awaress and give me hope that I overcome this hurtful legacy.  -G

Thanks for your great work on narcissists abuse. I went through this bad experience and I decided to move forward with my life. I read some great articles on your website and about your book. As you said, it is important to be very careful in dating. Agree. I am probably too careful (even though I am a risks taker in my life in general) because I lost the motivation to date. I want to avoid toxic people. “Better to travel alone than to travel with a fool” as an author said. Thank you so much for your great work. -T

M-I just wanted to say that I really valued your book. I’m the eldest child of a highly dysfunctional family in which BPD and NPD have wreaked emotional havoc. I’ve been on a personal journey of discovery and recovery for some time and your points on healing in particular are very helpful – thank you. -M

I have known Randi Fine for over fifteen years. She is an immensely compassionate, understanding woman and a great listener. Over the years, Randi has helped me work through many of my personal issues, always in strict confidence. She is an insightful counselor with a very soothing way about her. I highly recommend engaging Randi‘s counseling services to help you work through your life issues. She’s the best. -N

I think the only thing more helpful than this book has been the one on one counseling sessions that I have had with Randi as a result. After an absolute dumpster fire of a relationship with a NPD/APD/Alcoholic/Drug Addict (yes, I hit the grand slam) woman, I sank into some of the worst depression of my life. I saw two psychologists prior to meeting Randi who just didn’t seem to understand what was taking place. When I tell you that speaking with Randi for 10 minutes was more valuable than 4 months of therapy with less educated professionals I am not kidding. As a person she is kind, compassionate, a great listener and above all else – KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. Her book is a valuable tool to helping others understand what Narcissistic Abuse is and my hope is that psychologists will become more aware of it’s devastating effects as well. I highly recommend this book to both those who have been abused and to those who have not been abused as Randi lays out all the signs to look for. If you have been abused, then you know how awful it is. If you have not been abused, trust me, you dont want to find out. Arm yourself! Get this book and if you’re suffering, set up counseling sessions with her. You will start to feel better almost immediately. -M

I would like to start off saying thank you for the videos you have posted on YouTube. I am very new into my recovery and just recently discovered my abuse was due to my narcissistic mother. Just learning upon this, I went to YouTube and listen to your 6 part videos and felt in awe to hear the familiarity. I finally was able to make sense of my mother and my enabling father. I want to say THANK YOU. This has opened my eyes and I finally feel understood or I can finally understand myself. You have made a difference in my life and many others with this information. -G

You are my role model for being strong, assertive and healing from your experience with an NPD parent and now sharing your knowledge with others. You are a savior. You have changed my life by shedding light on the NPD abuse syndrome and emphasizing over and over that I need to prioritize myself first.  -M

Thanks for all you support. I remember it was Christmas 2016 when I listened to you on my drive to see my mom. You were a God send to me and so many others. Thank you. -S

I came across your site whilst googling narcissistic abuse recovery and have just finished listening to your podcast describing narcissistic victim syndrome. Firstly I’d like to say thank you for being there! It’s such a relief listening to someone who understands what is happening! -E

Randi is an amazing person. She is so empathetic and caring, that her warmth just makes people feel safe. I have gone to Randi to discuss life issues many times, and have always been rewarded with new insights or awareness. -D

The breadth of Randi’s life experience, and her positive responses to what she has encountered, I believe, are what gives her such extraordinary depth of understanding for what motivates people. She offers incredible insight about how people can turn life experiences into positive outcomes and the ability to grow, regardless of what they have been through.

Thank you so much for your youtube channel and the very extensive material you provided about narcissist parents and more specifically about narcissist mothers. Thanks to you, a massive lightbulb just went off in my head after years of confusion and lack of clarity as to why I had such mixed feelings about my mother. -E

Thank you for writing this book! I’m a bit in shock and I’m only on page 55. Your words are truer to my life with my abuser than I could have ever imagined. I’ve got a feeling that I’ve never had before, a feeling of absolute acknowledgment that I am not absolutely insane. Priceless. Thank you! -D

Thank you so much for your podcast! I need to hear everything that you’re saying so badly. It brings me to tears sometimes. Someone understands! -K

I am a regular listener of your show and have been for quite some time now. Thanks Randi for the shows they truly are so helpful knowing I’m not alone in this. Whenever I hear you talk about this stuff it’s like your living in my house seeing it with me. The patterns of behavior in these types of people is remarkable. I’m still unable to grasp that human beings can really be this cruel. -C

I stumbled on to your interview on the Mental Heath News Radio podcast from September 2, 2015 and was completely gobsmacked and moved to tears.  There are so many differences in our stories, but so many similarities. -D

Thank you for writing “Close Encounters.” I found my family story written on so many pages that I felt I was reading a review of possible family histories. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for you having the courage and skill to write “Close Encounters.” I know that you have given the world a gift both in the presence of your person and your written words. -J

I had to reach out to tell you how important your podcast on Mental Health Radio is to me…I know that I am listening a year and change late, but nonetheless… THANK YOU! I need to go find more of your podcasts 🙂 -D

I have listened to you for years but am finally healed enough to have emotional distance and conscious reflection to work with you without unhealthy neediness. Many just do not understand the deep-seated sensitivities that are experienced with this type of abuse. So in addition to my request, I wanted to thank you for the validation and encouragement. -A

Randi THANK YOU for my new favorite podcast. I love your radio program and your light.-D

Hi Randi, I got your book and I am still reading. Thank you so much for all your hard work and research in writing this book.  FYI, I am so happy to see your well written blog post on why traditional therapy does not work.  I saw a comment on Amazon from a counselor that said you were not qualified to write this book and nothing could be further from the truth. Thank you for responding. I hope the counselor reads this. I plan to post a book review as a way of saying thank you. -G

I am going to order your book, and read with anticipation, I love listening to your words of explanation about what is happening and hope that I can help myself further. With reading and listening to your words I know my husband has a narcissistic personality disorder and it isn’t my fault. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -S

Last night I listened to you on an old podcast. You hadn’t published your latest book yet and some female psychiatrist was interviewing you. I almost stopped my truck on the highway when I heard what you said about NPD. I’m a big guy and a tough guy but when you described victims of NPD as being like hosts to a parasite my eyes got wet. -B

Thank you so much for your podcast I can’t tell you how spot on and correct you are. My history is rewritten and a year of parental alienation. I am hoping and will never relent for my youngest daughter 14 to visit me. Thank you so much. -L

I just read your book, and it really helped me pull things together and understand a number of pieces that I’ve been processing for years. I wrote you a 5-star review and I’m hoping you can meet me for the free 30-minute appointment. I must say that I would have written a 5-star review either way, as I really did find the book excellent. -P

I’m reading a book about my life and I’ve never met the author. Thank you! -D

Being seen and validated by Randi was priceless. I am often in spaces where people do not understand what it means to have a mother who doesn’t care. Speaking with Randi was so good as she knows what it feels like and that was exactly what I needed. -R

Randi, I relate so much to what you are saying. I experienced a very traumatic childhood at the hands of a ignoring NPD Mother and Enabling Father and then later found out my sister also has NPD. Thank you, for sharing your experience to help those of us who are still waking up from the nightmare. Love & Light -P

Thank you, Randi. It “feels great” when you realise the situations you’ve been in actually have a name. I did start my journey with a Narcissist being the enabling parent… once I realised the damage my children and I endured, I refused to be the enabler. The marriage had to end. It took years of counselling for my children to recover (to some extent) from the harm caused due to the emotional abuse and all of the above… Thanks to discovery and enlightening information, we have come a long way. -A

This is brilliant. You are talking about my life exactly. Thank you. Stay strong and carry on sharing. Very helpful to many people. -J

Thank you so much for your videos, which have provided me with such insights and validated my reality growing up to present moment. -S

Thank you so much Randi, for sharing your insights. Your YT videos are helping me wake up to the mind-games. Thank you again.

Awesome, awesome, awesome….. you are a blessing…. -C

Thank you! I have been married to a narcissist for 40 years and am currently in the hellish process of getting a divorce. You have been extremely helpful in helping me understand the confusing internal conflict I am experiencing trying to break away from my abuser. You have explained exactly what I am experiencing, again, thank you. -V

Randi Fine hit every nail on the head. Clearly, she knows EXACTLY how these abuse victims act and think. -T

You describe it exactly! I couldn’t find a therapist in my area, so I had to overcome all this symptoms myself. The knowledge I got from YouTube channels like yours was incredible helpful! Thank you! –

I’m currently reading your book. Very informative. Ty for doing your videos and sharing your life with us. -A

Thank you for your entire frequent wisdom, inspiration and in addition advanced learning to encourage my experience to becoming more consciously responsive and spiritually connected. -C

I am so grateful for your wisdom -D

I have appreciated the information you have put together on the topic of NPD. Thank you again for all the information you’ve put together to help people suffering.  -J

Randi is absolutely amazing, very easy to talk to, a great listener & understands trauma and the complexity of it. She is excellent at what she does & Honestly I cannot say enough great things about her council. I felt better after our first session & I feel blessed that I am working with her -T

Talking to Randi is ten times better than talking to a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. She understands what I tell her and offers very practical advice. Her book is excellent too. I so appreciate the time she spent with me. -C

Randi definitely knows what she’s talking about! She’s an excellent listener with good advice. -L

She’s very helpful, explained a lot to me, understood me, validated me in ways I’ve lacked my whole life. -C

Randi was amazing. She made me feel comfortable and able to open up easily. She completely understood what I was going through and even taught me a few things! -S

As always, Randi is right on target with recommendations on what the next step for me to work. It’s funny how our conversations becomes a seed that helps me to stay focus on what important for me. Because of our talks I am learning to slowly work on valuing me first and foremost. I’m forever grateful for having her on this next, exciting, phase of my life. -R

Randi gave me so much clarity in my situation by hearing my story, going over the issues and educating me. She is a true inspiration and hope that I was desperately searching for. I recommend her to anyone dealing with effects of NPD abuse. -L

Randi was amazing!! She helped me to make sense of the last 20 years in one phone call!! She was compassionate and understanding! Just incredible! -P

Randi has helped me so much. I’ve doubted myself and the light she sheds has always helped me to realize how self destructive these men are. This is work that must be done and it’s not a quick fix. It’s worth regaining your life back. -H

My life is forever changing in a positive way because of Randi suggestions and encouragement. -R

Randi is one of the most real, honest, intelligent, and caring people I have come across.
She has the capacity to listen, understand, and give excellent direction on how to heal from past pain, and live in the present…. -L

Randi knows and understands narcissism, how it affects the children of narcissistic parents, how it affects all relationships- most of all, she has solutions for those wanting to go from ‘victim’ or ‘victor’….. i recommend her services to anyone suffering at the hands of a narcissist -L

Randi has been a phenomenal support system on my journey of self-love and acceptance. Each time we talk more things are coming up for me to deal with. For once I am hopeful that my life will continue to evolve into a life of lasting relationship and long overdue of happiness. -R

I loved finally getting to talk to Randi! It was nice to truly have someone who knows where I’m coming from. -M

Randi is a blessing in my life. Because of her, I have hope. She is showing me that I not as alone in this world as I think I am. There are resources readily available in my journey of self-love and acceptance. Because of Randi, I have hope! I can actually see small changes that are making a big difference in my life, my confidence level has greatly increased. I am looking forward to start taking care of myself and giving myself the things I so desperately looked outside of myself. -R

I feel very blessed to have found someone to talk to that understands what I’ve been through. I have faith that Randi will be able to equip me with the knowledge and the tools to overcome my past and end the cycle of dysfunction for my own family. I would definitely recommend Randi to anyone in need of counseling, very compassionate lady.-A

Randi is extremely knowledgeable in understanding and dealing with Narcissistic Personality abuse issues. She asks great questions to really make you stop and think about why you’re feeling what you’re feeling, which was such a huge help in making sense of the emotions I am struggling to deal with. She can fully understand and relate to what you share with her, which is so refreshing as most people I have spoken to do not comprehend the depth involved in this type of parental abuse. Thank-you! -J

Thank you so much Randi! I had no idea how deep some of the issues I am dealing with went. I know now that things will improve. Thank you! -K

Randi is an expert in her field. She shares wonderful insight and understands the unique and universal issues that come along with personal development, counseling and life coaching issues. She is personable, accommodating to schedule, knowledgeable and authentic. I enjoyed speaking to her greatly. – Thanks Randi -T

Spectacular conversation with Randi! She has a lot of life experience with narcissism, so she knows what she is talking about – so much better than my ex-therapist! Very pleasant one hour consultation with her and learn more things with Randi. I highly recommend Randi to speak if you want someone to understand and be on the same level with you! I would love to work with her sometime or in the future. -M

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