Parental Alienation: 17 Strategies Used By Narcissists

Parental Alienation

17 Strategies Used By Narcissists

Beyond the High Road: Responding to 17 Parental Alienation Strategies without Compromising Your Morals or Harming Your Child (Amy J.L. Baker, Ph.D. and Paul R. Fine, LCSW, May 2008)

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine

The 17 primary parental alienation strategies fall into five general categories: (1) poisonous messages to the child about the targeted parent in which he or she is portrayed as unloving, unsafe, and unavailable; (2) limiting contact and communication between the child and the targeted parent; (3) erasing and replacing the targeted parent in the heart and mind of the child; (4) encouraging the child to betray the targeted parent’s trust; and (5) undermining the authority of the targeted parent. Taken together these parental alienation strategies foster conflict and psychological distance between the child and the targeted parent. When one parent engages in these behaviors they can be considered a toxic ex.

Amy J. L. Baker, PhD

Seventeen Strategies Used By Narcissists to Alienate the Other Parent:

  • Badmouthing the other parent
  • Limiting contact with the other parent
  • Interfering with communications, i.e. letters, phone calls, emails
  • Interfering with symbolic communication, i.e. photos of targeted parent in child’s home
  • Withdrawal of love towards the child
  • Telling the child that the targeted parent does not love him or her
  • Forcing the child to choose between parents
  • Creating the impression that the targeted parent is dangerous
  • Confiding in the child
  • Forcing the child to reject the targeted parent
  • Asking the child to spy on the targeted parent
  • Asking the child to keep secrets from the targeted parent
  • Referring to the targeted parent by their first name
  • Referring to the stepparent as “Mom” or “Dad” and encouraging the child to do the same
  • Withholding medical, academic, and other important information from the targeted parent/Keeping targeted parent’s name off of medical, academic and other relevant documents
  • Changing the child’s name to remove association with targeted parent
  • Cultivating dependency on the part of the child
Psychological Splitting In Parental Alienation Victims

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